10 Ways ‘Airplane!’ Predicted The Current TSA Fiasco

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Dead on – http://www.huffingtonpost.com (pics)

10 Ways ‘Airplane!’ Predicted The Current TSA Fiasco


Very Interesting — why not here????

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COOL – Video Game Alphabet

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Can you guess the games ??

See: http://thedailywh.at/post/1694562341/alphabeticalposter

FINALLY – some quiet!!!

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Lady Gaga and Alicia Keys sign off Twitter for charity

Posted by Annie Colbert to Holy Kaw!

Celebrities like Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga plan to sign off Twitter and other social networks as part of a charity fundraising effort.


Participating stars will log off starting Wednesday to coincide with <charity event> and will not sign back on until $1 million is raised.

Other celebs staging a temporary social media death in the name of charity include Usher, Jennifer Hudson, Elijah Wood, Serena Williams, and Ryan Seacrest.

NICE code snippets!

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Fox News Caught Mocking Sarah Palin (Video)

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get the word out …

Fox News Caught Mocking Sarah Palin (Video)


6:00 PM 11/18/2010 by James Hibberd


A Fox News panel was caught mocking Sarah Palin’s TLC reality show in a rare leaked video clip from the network that found its way online Thursday. The clip shows amused reporters Judith Miller and Liz Trotta agreeing with reviews bashing the show as propaganda …

Some more analysis on this on HuffPo here


Buddha’s message of Thanks.

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