10 years — WOW! Look at what Apple’s been up to.

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From an illustrated by Brett Jordan (check site – nice Etch-a-Sketch!!) in the graphic shown – things have also changed at Apple.

Why almost 10 years ago we were ready to be controlled by the imbecilic moron as he lead us toward the great depression, and all the lies and half-truths that lead to so many lives lost.

(sorry – don’t want to get up on that soap box.  these are happy times now — I see a beautiful green field, knee high grass blowing in the breeze….)

What a difference – BTW the 2nd generation, well maybe third – original Mac -> Mac SE -> iMac 3G, held the title, IMHO, as one ugly creature until they came up with the iMac G4 – Oh! can you say UGLY!  Wow, whom ever design that monstrosity must have just left design school.




Oh and for your enjoyment — Maybe the WORLDS FIRST PORTABLE , w/o keyboard & mouse —



maybe a glimmer of hope – well at least for today.

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Hi ! Here is your Daily Horoscope for Saturday, September 25
Your mood can’t be beaten down today, no matter how much others seem to try to do just that. They aren’t actually working against you, though — they’re just selfishly pursuing their own agendas.

Funny Spa Video — Must see

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http://www.buzzfeed.com/spaweekdaily/i-get-naked-at-the-spa-14ml see link/story on BuzzFeed…



I Get Naked at the Spa … http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sx3rzB1rqSA&feature=player_embedded



this bites

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Unfrickin believable – 5-series due for return and now the battery in the Z goes ka-put!  Oh it just keeps getting better every frickin’ day.



Well $200 bones later and she’s back to operational status.

Cut the insurance off the 5 (saving ~$90/month and lowered Z to <$70/month  – so some savings).


Help the Unemployed — write your politicians, NOW!

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from the web.


Sam Says: 99ers, I’m Thinking of You!

Posted by anonymous on September 12, 2010 at 6:07 PM

So we’re a week past Labor Day, congress comes back to work tomorrow (Sept. 13) and my TV is starting to fill-up with political ads. And with all that, I haven’t heard anyone discuss the plight of 99ers.

The number of people who have exhausted their unemployment benefits is now estimated at 2.2 million.  Our good friend Mike Thornton writes on Examiner.com (you can read it here ) that right now 53,000 Americans a week are losing their unemployment insurance and by the end of this month that number will skyrocket to 91,000 a week. (You can hear our interview on JobTalkAmerica with Mike here)

And still, not a peep out of President Obama, Harry Reid, John Boehner or Mitch McConnell. There is a bill kicking around the Senate sponsored by Sen. Debbie Stabenow, a Democrat from Michigan, to provide additional benefits but it has as much of a chance of passing as palm trees growing in my yard here in Minnesota.

Unless, of course, the unemployed start to speak as one.

There are 20-million unemployed or under-employed Americans. This is not a puny number.  But that number only makes a difference if people vote.

Tomorrow (Sept. 13) there will be another rally of 99ers in Manhattan. It will probably be small but it’s a start.  (We’re going to talk to the organizer of the rally, Kian Frederick with the United Workers Action Group, on Monday’s program)

Now is the time to act.  Because if you don’t, you just might be one of those 91,000 people without unemployment benefits in just a couple of weeks.

And as I say at the end of almost every JobTalkAmerica, “99ers, I’m thinking of you!”



A little disappointed

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the “next” TOP CHEF

Well for those of you following this years version of Bravo’s Top Chef – what can I say.


After being bummed out last week that Kelly got eliminated (by the way I really like her and she provided some really interesting dishes whilst state-side, but was not in her A game while in Singapore) last week setting up a 3 guy challenge.  As much as you might say about Angelo – that boy (guy) is CREATIVE.  And my dark horse Ed, just let last years winner take over the fourth dish – the dessert cake – which if it was me as the “executive chef”, I would have but the gauntlet down harder and say make THIS (something a little more flamboyant).  But as admitted, dessert are not his forte’.  He is an excellent chef, and as he stated, “Angelo and Kevin are more creative, but my dishes will taste better” (loose quote).  I’d eat he stuff daily.

But the surprise – was Kevin – didn’t really see him as a contender early on, but as the competitors diminished – he stated to produce some very creative dishes.  And honestly, the dishes he created for the final were (at 3 out of 4) above the rest.

I like Angelo – his zest and competitive nature – but felt really bad for him that he was sidelined with an illness – he produced, but maybe not the 110% he shown in earlier episodes.  It would also be enjoyable to sample his creativity first hand, but being an LA-based foodie, and not much a newyork fan – won’t happen.


Sidebar: 2 of the 3 returning top chef’s were favorites of mine – but not a fan of last year’s winner – think he hurt Ed’s chances for success.


All in all it was entertaining, but as some critics have lambasted the finale’ as being bland – I’d kind of have to agree – especially the final Judges table – I hoped they’d at least to a live telecast and have some what of a higher level of excitement, kind of a let down.  But Kevin’s reaction was priceless.


Till next season.

p.s. NOT looking forward to the pastry edition of the show – never could stand Gail Simmons – b*tch – she should be on next top model with all her crassness.  (plus she’s but on quite a few pounds over the years and also needs to loosen up in the clothing department).

Here we go again.

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Well here we go again – another warm (hot -ish) day in SoCal.

Out in the sun this morn and it’s HOT already – the sun’s been so hot this year (I know – id DOESN’T change temperature – but man I tell you it feels much hotter then years past – almost as hot as it felt when I was in Sydney and baked my self on Day 1 of the trip).  But chillin’ inside now with a fresh cup of Joe.

<Watch this space>

Well guess what campers – we’re hit with another HEAT WAVE – looking at the calendar we’re approaching the last week of September and lo-n-behold we’re in the 100’s AGAIN.  Gotta love it.  Really can’t complain too much – been very very mild this summer.  … cheers

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