Quote from a Japanese survivor.

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“I’ve lost everything.”

“I’m alive – I don’t know if that’s good or bad.”. “I don’t know if it is good or bad to survive.”


Vegas Baby!!

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Yeah, Vegas Baby!!

Well it sounds good at least. But alas, it’s been all work and NO FUN, at least so far.
Here for work (obviously) and been cooped up inside for 2 days – thankfully – remember Vegas is H O T T in June! High 90s – next week will be worse, 100+. But hoping things get aligned to RELAX a bit. Had a wonderful diner at Subways – inside Circus Circus – let just say the ‘beautiful ‘ people don’t frequent this place …

Hope to do a little (very tiny) bit of clubbing tomorrow night  before heading home.

p.s. Had a land speed record Tuesday, made it to NV state line in 2hr 3min – and on strip inside 2 hrs 45…. Cannonball run speeds

Another (weird) weather day in SLC

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What’s up with the weather here in Salt Lake City??? Yesterday I get here it’s a scourching 82, beautiful sunny day, and today miserable cold Rainy 48. WTF ??? This place has got to have the weirdest weather I’ve ever seen. Glad I’m only visiting.