guess the 1% can’t listen to the bells for the 99%

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Salvation Army’s bells go silent at upscale O.C. mall

Salvation Army workers and their red kettles are stationed outside Bloomingdales and Macy’s at the upscale mall with an ocean view, but they have agreed to a request to not ring their bells.

“You have to respect store owners, people,” said Salvation Army Major Antonio Orta, who oversees the three bell ringers — their actual job title — on the property owned by the Newport Beach-based Irvine Co.

“We have to comply because we solicit on their premises,” Orta said. “We’re there to build relationships and let the community know that we work and we’re here to serve.”

In fact, bell ringers at Fashion Island haven’t been allowed to ring-a-ding-ding for a least the last few years, he said.

Some shoppers said they missed the sounds. “You expect to hear it around Christmastime,” said Kent Paul of Costa Mesa as he took a break from some last-minute shopping Friday. “The weather really doesn’t change much around here, so it’s nice to have a little reminder of the season and I guess the Salvation Army bell is one of them.”

Added Steve Manship of Huntington Beach: “I’ve always looked at that as a part of Christmas.”

An Irvine Co. spokesman said the decision to allow the workers outside a store’s door is up to the tenants.

Bloomingdales and Macy’s managers who were reached Friday evening said they believed they were complying with a shopping center policy.

Nevertheless, the location is the only one in Orange County that Orta knows of where bell ringers cannot live up to their title. He now refers to his crew at Fashion Island as “kettle workers.”


Funny how quickly they change their minds when the fear of loss revenue undermines their decision

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Go Daddy Backtracks to Join Google in Opposing Piracy Bill
December 23, 2011, 6:28 PM EST

By Danielle Kucera
(Updates with CEO interview in second paragraph.)
Dec. 23 (Bloomberg) — Go Daddy Group Inc. joined Google Inc. in opposing a Hollywood-backed online-piracy bill, reversing its position on U.S. legislation designed to combat illegally copied films and TV content.
“What we wanted to do was step aside and watch other leaders in the technology industry, the position they take, the commentary they offer,” Warren
Adelman, chief executive officer of the Internet domain-name and hosting company, said in a telephone interview today. “We were getting customers
asking questions about SOPA, expressing concerns” about where the Stop Online Piracy Act could lead.

see here for full article …….

Stop SOPA — paranoid bureaucracy from hollywood — call your representatives

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MythBuster Adam Savage: SOPA Could Destroy the Internet as We Know It

Soon the U.S. Congress will reconvene to consider the Protect IP Act and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). Mythbuster and PM contributing editor Adam Savage says that if these sweeping pieces of legislation pass, the U.S. will join the likes of China and Iran in censoring the Internet, and destroy the openness that made the Web perhaps the most important technological advance of his lifetime.



Mythbuster, and PM contributing editor, Adam Savage

Right now Congress is considering two bills—the Protect IP Act, and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)—that would be laughable if they weren’t in fact real. Honestly, if a friend wrote these into a piece of fiction about government oversight gone amok, I’d have to tell them that they were too one-dimensional, too obviously anticonstitutional.

Make no mistake: These bills aren’t simply unconstitutional, they are anticonstitutional. They would allow for the wholesale elimination of entire websites, domain names, and chunks of the DNS (the underlying structure of the whole Internet), based on nothing more than the “good faith” assertion by a single party that the website is infringing on a copyright of the complainant. The accused doesn’t even have to be aware that the complaint has been made.

I’m not kidding.

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), passed in 1998, is a lousy piece of legislation and a very useful lens through which to regard these two new pieces of legislation. Think of all the stories you’ve read over the past 14 years of people slapping DMCA takedowns of content thatthey didn’t own, just because they didn’t like what it had to say. One that comes to mind is Uri Gellar, the popular psychic who performed spoon bending and other tricks on TV in the 1970s.Using a DMCA claim, he had YouTube pull videos of him being humiliated during a 1973 appearance on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, when he had no copyright claim to themat all.

This is exactly what will happen with Protect IP and SOPA. We’ve seen it again and again. Give people a club like this and you can kiss the Internet as you know it goodbye. It’s really that bad. And it’s a clear violation of our First Amendment right to free speech.

The Internet is probably the most important technological advancement of my lifetime. Its strength lies in its open architecture and its ability to allow a framework where all voices can be heard. Like the printing press before it (which states also tried to regulate, for centuries), it democratizes information, and thus it democratizes power. If we allow Congress to pass these draconian laws, we’ll be joining nations like China and Iran in filtering what we allow people to see, do, and say on the Web.

And we’re better than that.

Please don’t just take my word for it. There’s tons of information out there about these two bills out there. Google it. Read the Stanford Law Review‘s take on it. And read what Cory Doctorow has to say here, here and here.

Educate yourself. Call your congressperson or senator and make your voice heard. You can make a difference.

Don’t Let Them Control US!!


Consider the effects, and le your voice be heard.


We knew that members of Congress and their business allies were gearing up to pass a new version of the Internet Blacklist Bill — which more than 325,000 Demand Progress members helped block last winter — but we never expected it to be this atrocious.


save our internet

save our internet

U.S. Underwrites Internet Detour Around Censors Abroad –

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U.S. Underwrites Internet Detour Around Censors Abroad –


Very interesting stuff — but also a bit scary to thing that this sort of thing exists and is used to “overthrow” a foreign entity…

Meg’s up to it again – Stop the INSANITY!

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Déjà vu All Over Again

Brown For Governor Campaign
18 October 2010

OAKLAND – As Meg Whitman continues her Schwarzenegger-like bus tour of California’s fast food restaurants, Brown spokesman Sterling Clifford released the following statement:

“Meg Whitman likes to tell Californians that she doesn’t owe anyone anything, but she owes Governor Schwarzenegger more than she wants to admit.

Outsider who will blow up the boxes? We’ve heard that before. Running the state more like a business? Check. Bus tour? A familiar tune. Why does so much of the Whitman campaign feel like a rerun? Because it is.

Arnold Schwarzenegger entered California politics with a cadre of the most expensive Republican consultants he could find, and they fed him a divisive agenda that Californians rejected. He had the good sense to send them packing. They have now de-camped to Whitman’s headquarters where they are recycling their empty slogans and shrill accusations. Incredibly, Meg Whitman has already spent more than $14 million on Schwarzenegger’s old crew.

Schwarzenegger’s top strategist Mike Murphy? On the Whitman bus for $90,000 a month. The Governor’s former political director, Jeff Randle, is on Whitman’s payroll for more than half a million dollars. Schwarzenegger veterans Rob Stutzman, Mitch Zak, John McLaughlin, Stuart Polk, and more than 30 other consultants jumped from Schwarzenegger to Meg Whitman. She even uses the same public speaking coach.

Governor Schwarzenegger and Meg Whitman both say insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. On that, we all agree.”

Click here to see the Schwarzenegger/Whitman campaign staff connections



Do check out the report, at the end – $14+ MILLION — INSANE!