2 March, 2018 12:33

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G Wallace


Good Wisdom from the “little prince”

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Must add her

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This is so dead on!

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2nd Half – 2017 – Are you serious.

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We’re a day or two away from the end of July, seriously.  Where’s this year gone?

Time is flying by at such a pace, it’s paradoxical. Baking in the SoCal heat – but at least the nights are cool.  Humidity has been up this year.  Doing a lot of traveling so enjoy times at home – then I get the scratch to get out.  Painful times – age catching up. Body doesn’t rejuvenate very fast, and little things seems so much bigger these days.  Really wished I had my toe x-ray’d, banged it the other day and painful four days later.  Oh well, lazy bastard I am will eventually have to pay for it.  Expensive year so far due to silly rash decisions.  Again hindsight is such a wonderful thing.  I keep telling myself to stop falling into the trap — but every time I concede and it ends up costing me.  Oh well, can’t line the coffin with the paper.

I’m so very tired.  Age catching up.  Been in this funk for awhile now.  Can’t roll back time, and can’t accept the fact that I can’t do that.  Keyword of the year: REGRET.  Not sure if it’s middle age crisis, or just becoming aware of mortality and how f**ked up my life has been.  Could-of / should-of oh so many times.  But this shit dual persona buried within has f’d me up all along the journey.  The f-em all one should steam roll the other lazy f*ck out of existence – but that will never happen since C2-H6-O always seems to have a role in dismantling the creature.  So, the lazy pacifist rears his head and anger & frustration take over and consume what has a little semblance of a good person.




2017 – what can I say?

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2017 – Two, no three months have nearly passed, Spring has sprung and it’s still a shit storm out there.  Best to hibernate for the next 3 years.  Today it was announced that from the “nasty 7” you can’t fly with your laptop, tablet or anything more modern then a flip-phone in airline cabins headed to the good ole’ Trumerica (r).

Hollywood couldn’t write a script this bad.


Oh No — I’m Urban Dictionary’d

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Oh no….my handle has be “urban dictionary’d”……


A male who goes to clubs smelling of cheap cologne and wears an out of style button down with jeans that have been worn too many times and dress shoes and uses Vaseline to slick his hair back.usually the guy you see posted up on the walls of clubs selecting his prey.
1. I went to the club this weekend with some friends and long behold, the club was full of Gwally’s.

2. Getting hit on by a Gwally is like walking through the perfume section of Macys.



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