To determine whether your resume needs a complete revision, consider these five warning signs that your resume stinks:

1. Your resume that is more than 1 to 2 pages long

A hiring manager’s busy schedule does not give him much time to read resumes, so he/she just scans it for something that catches his attention. This means that he/she may not have the patience to flip through and scrutinize multiple pages. On the other hand, even if you’ve managed to fit your resume on a single page, does it still look presentable and readable? The hiring manager will not want to read a page that has barely any margins, very small font sizes and is missing key information. Basically, if your skills and experiences don’t fit on one page, then use two or three pages. However, don’t make your resume unnecessarily long.

2. Your resume looks generic

If you haven’t given much thought in writing your resume and instead opted for the easy way by using a template design, you may be in trouble. A template design can be easily downloaded from the Internet. However, imagine the hundreds of individuals who are also copying this template. How will your resume stand out then? Resume writing requires careful planning and researching. Take the time to do this if you want to catch the employer’s eye.

3. You don`t customize your resume to each application

Did you remember to change the job description before sending it in? That’s what I thought. Occurrences when you mix up one job description with another usually happen. The danger in making generic resumes is you have not considered the qualifications needed by the company. Try to find out about the job and check if the qualifications match with your skills. If it does, then make a resume that will showcase the skills that best fit with the job.

4. Many different fonts and sizes

To emphasize entries you used different font sizes and various text emphases. Excuse me, you’re not making an art project. A resume is an important document that should signify your professionalism. Use the standard font size of 12. For the font styles, don’t use artsy ones, stick to standard styles like Courier, Arial, Times New Roman, or Calibri. Don’t overemphasize entries. Keep it clean, simple, concise, and evenly spaced.

5. An unprofessional email address

Have you thought about making a special email address just for job application purposes? If you have one, then good. If you don’t, make one now. Choose one that’s easy to remember and that is connected to your name. Think about how it will sound if you have an email address that says sexyhotchic or chickmagnet. Writing a resume should be taken seriously if you don’t want it to suck big time. If you’re really determined in getting an interview for the job you want, then step on it.