Staffing: Exacerbating the Problem


In talking to the OEMs, one of their biggest complaints was that the people they interface with are rude, unprofessional, inexperienced, clueless and generally unable to successfully resolve issues in a timely manner. The level of frustration with some of the OEMs is incredibly high.When confronted with this problem, Google’s common response has been that they simply can’t find qualified people, which is kind of amazing given the level of unemployment that exists in the world.This suggests that Google’s hiring policy is at fault; the company is known to favor recent graduates who will start at low salaries but have high GPAs, instead of more experienced employees. This exacerbates the quality problems significantly because it means these problems aren’t being properly communicated, escalated or resolved. In fact, in talking to the OEMs, you get a sense that much of the team that Google has working on operating systems are actually learning on the job. It kind of makes it even more amazing that they got a product out that works as well as it does.

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the old adage applies — “You get what you pay for…”