Of all the months for you to get a passing bug or virus! You really didn’t need this. But flu season has begun. You are either run down and catching things more readily. Or perhaps you have children or are often around little kids. Little children who go to school are the biggest carriers of germs ever introduced to the human condition. They catch everything from the other bambinos who pass the germs around the class and spread them to teachers and their families as well. There really is no way to avoid the children. But you can improve your immune system by taking the proper dietary supplements (B12, B1, Spirulina, Vitamin C etc) With any luck you have already had chicken pox and measles or mumps. Or else you were inoculated against them. But do not be surprised you come down with a few minor (but annoying) kiddie sicknesses. A colleague of your lover has made a clumsy pass at him or her. This occurrence is disconcerting for them and they need to discuss it with you. Of course you can well understand that someone might try to seduce your lover because you also think they’re wonderful. What is worrisome is that your sweetheart has to work with this person in close quarters. It’s probably a married boss guy coming on to your girlfriend which is disconcerting enough. But even more upsetting might be if a married boss guy is coming on to your boyfriend. Whichever it is, this event is distressing. Yes. It’s harassment. But if your significant other denounces the boss, there could be hell to pay afterward. He or she could lose their job – just for being honest. Often companies will protect the perpetrator. Advise them to ask for a transfer to a different department or request a change of office. You can be sure this is not the first time the boss in question has stepped out of line with a coworker. You Dog people detest injustice. Do resist the urge to go in there and throttle the boss or to call up and “out” him to his wife. One of the merchants where you shop is ripping people off by short changing them. Mention it subtly. But menacingly. Your intervention could stop them cold.