This November your romantic world is due to receive a surge of renewed energy. If you are not attached, you’re sure to cross paths with someone with whom you could develop a serious relationship. Destiny is on your side. Do however be prepared to help it along. If co-workers invite you along to the local pub or cafe, accept. Work can wait. You’ve had your nose practically glued to the grindstone for quite awhile now. Socialize There’s someone out there who is bound to change your world for the better. If you’re already part of a couple, your relationship will evolve now. Your commitment will solidify. Also, all month you can expect lucky breaks in your money sector. I remind you however not to make any finance-related decisions prior to the 18th. Your patience will most certainly be rewarded with an increase in cash flow after this date, probably from an unexpected source. Last month, the tension between you and another family member was palpable. This low-grade conflict continues to simmer till around the 25th when you can expect communication to flow more freely. Resentments will not disappear but they will fade into the background. Engage in routine activities with said relative. Do things together as a team. Mix with other family members. Gaiety alone can heal a few old wounds. Maximize positive thinking. And keep your body active. Aerobic exercise a few times weekly will keep a steady flow of endorphins energizing the “feel good” center in your brain. Make time for reflection. Refuse to continue to sweat the small stuff.