From an illustrated by Brett Jordan (check site – nice Etch-a-Sketch!!) in the graphic shown – things have also changed at Apple.

Why almost 10 years ago we were ready to be controlled by the imbecilic moron as he lead us toward the great depression, and all the lies and half-truths that lead to so many lives lost.

(sorry – don’t want to get up on that soap box.  these are happy times now — I see a beautiful green field, knee high grass blowing in the breeze….)

What a difference – BTW the 2nd generation, well maybe third – original Mac -> Mac SE -> iMac 3G, held the title, IMHO, as one ugly creature until they came up with the iMac G4 – Oh! can you say UGLY!  Wow, whom ever design that monstrosity must have just left design school.




Oh and for your enjoyment — Maybe the WORLDS FIRST PORTABLE , w/o keyboard & mouse —