Well just another day of bs here in la-la land. I finally realized why it’s always sunny in Los Angeles/California – it keeps the suicide rates down.  If we had the rain and gloom like most other cities around the world – they’d be bodies all over.  The rejection factor is so high in this city, I can’t explain it.  I don’t know how (I) people here do it.  Any “normal” individual, after being told “NO” or “Nope – you’re not what we’re looking for…” (or whatever reason they drum up) so many time would just give up.  Are we such a mass of sick individuals that keep on putting ourselves into these predicaments?   Now granted, I’m not looking for the “perfect” opportunity – but ANYTHING at this point would be great.  It’s not that I’ve lived in excess of what was given to me when I was doing better – I’m just asking for another chance to prove I can (and am still) capable of doing a great job.    We’ve already finished one-twelfth of the year and time continues to march along – so I guess tomorrow will be another day of  chasing the dream, and hopefully I can catch a little piece of the rainbow…..

with thanks to Sir Paul –

“As She Posts Another Letter To The Sound Of Five,
People Gather ‘Round Her
And She Finds It Hard To Stay Alive,

It’s Just Another Day. Du Du Du Du Du
It’s Just Another Day. Du Du Du Du Du
It’s Just Another Day.”