Will he be holding the cup again?

In this tumultuous season, will Furgie be successful in ’10 or will the mega-bankroll of Chelsea quash his (and lot’s of world-wide supporters) dreams? Things have been looking up for the boys these past several weeks. Has Sir Alex, got the ship steered on the correct course for another wonderful end to the season? Seems the boy wonder (Rooney) is continuing his fabulous season. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, as the season winds down. Trailing by a couple of points makes every match more critical then the last.

Upcoming matches could prove to be the test of this teams moral fiber. With two up coming matches against Villa (EPL and Carling Cup) this could prove to be the challenge for the month. Visits wit AC Milan for the UEFA cup could also provide a treat for fans around the world.

So with the weather changing over and the doldrums of winter slowly creeping away, spring and the cup(s) look to keep everyone on the edge of their seats.